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What kinds of psychological difficulties can Catherine Petit (Lic. Psychologist) help you with?

Identity crisis
Adult relationships
Peer relationships


Emotions management
Stress management

Anxiety – phobias – panic attacks

Behaviour Socialization Bullying

Intercultural psychology:

Cross-cultural adaptation Intercultural identity
Accepting “cultural in-betweeness”
Accepting the loss of friends left behind Coping with the absence of a posted parent
Coping with a parent’s return from a posting

How does teen psychotherapy work?

As soon as you turn fourteen, psychologists show that they recognize your greater independence and your need to express your individuality by treating you (almost) like an adult. I keep your therapy confidential as I would for an adult; I cannot disclose anything you tell me without your consent. If I think it would be helpful to talk with your parents, I will let you know and tell you what it is I would like to discuss with them. Unless you agree, this discussion will not happen. However, just as I would in the case of an adult, if you have plans to endanger your safety or the safety of others, I am obliged to notify someone who could help you protect yourself. Just as I would for children, if you are abused, I am obliged to report the situation to Children’s Aid.

You are welcome to ask one of your parents to call me to make the first appointment if you prefer. I will meet with you in my office for one-hour private sessions.

For teens, I prefer to use the person-centred approach. In adolescence, young people need to situate themselves in relation to the various messages and values they receive. For them, the important task is to determine the values and lifestyle they intend to follow as they become adults. The person-centred approach involves staying centred on what the person is experiencing here and now: I help teens gain awareness of their emotions, express their thoughts and untangle conflicting ideas. In addition to this guiding approach, I use other approaches recognized for their therapeutic effectiveness and suited to the teen’s problems: the cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic or EMDR approach. 

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