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What kinds of psychological difficulties can Catherine Petit (Lic. Psychologist) help you with?

Cross-cultural adaptation
Culture shock
Difficulties adapting to country of residence
Loss of social identity
Loss of social status

Social isolation
Family relationships abroad
Death of a loved one abroad
Relationships with children
Intercultural identity development


HHow does a psychotherapy work?

I meet with you in my office for one-hour private sessions. I am obliged to protect confidentiality and uphold my profession’s ethical standards. We can speak in French, English or Spanish. You choose the language most comfortable for you. At the first meeting, you tell me all about your current concerns. I do not mind if your thoughts are scattered, if you cry or if you keep silent. I am here to listen to you and support you on your personal journey.

I will use my knowledge and experience in intercultural psychology to help you better understand your difficulties and apply coping strategies that promote your mental health. Each situation is unique, and I will counsel you based on your history and needs. We will identify the cultural differences that are making you feel “different from others” and we will try to find strategies to help you feel good about yourself and to socialize while respecting your cultural attachment. Please feel comfortable in expressing your frustration, disappointment or regrets. By talking about things that bother you, we can come up with creative solutions that lead to inner peace and a harmonious life in Quebec society.

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