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Intercultural couples

What kinds of psychological difficulties can Catherine Petit (Lic. Psychologist) help you with?

Cultural transition
Intercultural communication
Cross-cultural adaptation
Difficulties adapting to country of residence

Relationships with family members, friends and social groups
Social isolation Development of an intercultural spousal identity


How does intercultural couple therapy work?

I meet with you in my office for one-hour couple therapy sessions. I do not see partners separately. The goal of couple therapy is to verbalize, with the psychologist’s help, what people are unable to say to each other quietly at home. I help you listen to your partner, express your feelings, assert yourself and negotiate compromises so that the relationship can move forward, while meeting each other’s needs and aspirations. We can speak in French, English or Spanish. You choose the language most comfortable for you. It is not uncommon for two languages to be spoken during a psychotherapy session. However, I will help you recognize your cultural differences to assist your cultural transition; in other words, to reach a compromise on a lifestyle acceptable to both partners and sufficiently adapted to the society in which you live.

My last book, “Les couples interculturels : l’adaptation transculturelle” [intercultural couples: cross-cultural adaptation] was written for the general public. It can help you gain better self-understanding. Together, we can work through the insights offered in the book as they apply to your couple relationship. Please note that you are not required to read the book to participate in therapy with me.

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